Our Products

The average production varies between 15 and 20 million kg per season. It is shared out at 80% for “Piel de Sapo” green melon variety, 5% for the yellow melon, 10% for the watermelon and 5% for the other varieties.


The melon

The addition of our farmers’ rooted tradition and the application of the most recent crops techniques allow us to produce in special climate and soil conditions. The result is a delicious fruit that is commercialised after strict controls and analysis that guarantee the finest quality for the final client.

The fruit of the “Piel de Sapo” melon variety is oval. The skin is dark green, its appearance is between smooth and striped with normal size spots distributed all along the fruit. The flesh is big and white cream coloured, very sweet and nice in the mouth. The fruits’ size may vary but their diameter is between 15 and 20 cm and their weight is between 2 and 4 kg.


  • Cardboard box 50×30
  • Cardboard box 60×40
  • Extra Cardboard box 60×40
  • Cardboard crate
  • Plastic crate


  • ¾ – 3-4 kg
  • 5 – 2-2.5 kg
  • 6 – 2 kg


  • Green melon “Piel de Sapo”:
    Cordial, Manchego, Mendoza, Quijote, Digital, Quince, Hidalgo, Castellano, Bravura and Ricura
  • Yellow melon: Maillot, Yeral and Cristiano

The watermelon

The “Pata Negra” watermelon is a hybrid variety. The plant is vigorous and it gives a good ability of new growth and fruit formations. The fruits are dark green with no stripes. The flesh is intense red with great levels of sugar and a crispy and thin texture. The average weight of our watermelons is 5 kg. The crust is quite thick which reduces damages during the handling and improves the conservation after the harvest.

Among the different varieties of watermelon we have to highlight: With seeds: Pata Negra – Without seeds: Striped (Boston)