Our Classroom

Professional training for employment is one of the strategic goals to reinforce the productivity and the competitiveness of any company and to boost the employability of the working age population, especially in a changing world. At this juncture, the so called offer formation contributes decisively to the development of a knowledge based economy. It allows the active participation of working age people in social, cultural and economic life of the region at the same time that it spreads among the companies a training that will fit their real necessity.

Training plays an important role in the possibility of finding a job even if young people labour insertion does not only depend on their studies level but also on their professional expertise level.

Professional training develops theoretical and practical abilities and it prepares pupils for the companies necessities.

These are the reasons why we have to emphasize in the great task fulfilled by our Training Centre, in our facilities in Tomelloso in the region of Castilla-La Mancha. In our region, a big share of our population works in the agriculture sector. This is why Tomelloso is the ideal location to establish a Training Centre of the agricultural field.

In 1998, our centre has been certified by the INEM (Spanish National Employment Institute) and since that year, the best technicians keep on giving formation to the pupils in our facilities. Each one of our courses has a Professionalism Certificate of the agricultural field.

Thanks to our total surface of more than 60,000 m2, Santiago Apóstol Tomelloso Cooperative provides its pupils with the necessary land (inside our facilities) to carry out every training course practical session.

Our Training Centre relies also on its high valued human resources, formed by a remarkable teaching staff which is flawless at both the human and the academic level.

At our centre we believe education goes far away than the simple knowledge transfer. Education is a complex activity who requires from a complete understanding of the training phenomenon.

We are currently certified with ISO Standard UNE-ISO 9001-2012 and our Professionalism Certificates are:

  • Green zones and gardens installation and maintenance: Professionalism Certificate. Duration: 470 hours. Code: AGAO0208
  • JGardening and landscape restoration: Professionalism Certificate. Duration: 510 hours. Code AGAO0308.
  • Agriculture Auxiliary Activities: Professionalism Certificate. Duration: 370 hours. Code AGAXO208.
  • Ecologic Agriculture: Professionalism Certificate. Duration: 480 hours. Code AGAU0108.
  • Gardens, Gardening centres and nursery Auxiliary Activities Professionalism Certificate: Duration: 330 hours. Code AGAO0108.
  • Horticulture and Floriculture: Professionalism Certificate. Duration: 600 hours. Code AGAH0108.
  • Food Industry Auxiliary Transactions: Professionalism Certificate. Duration: 300 hours. Code INAD0108.
  • Food Industry Maintenance and Internal Transport Auxiliary: Professionalism Certificate. Duration: 240 hours. Code INAQ0108


Head of Formation
– Paqui Ruiz |